How to export CLOUD statements from Baseware

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What is Beatport Cloud?

Beatport Cloud is a monthly subscription service for DJs, priced at $4.99 USD per month.
DJs receive: 
• Access to order history, available anytime and anywhere
• Unlimited re-downloads of your past purchases
• Needle Drop Player

How is revenue generated?

A distributor's pro rata share of Beatport Cloud Gross revenue is the pro rata share of total Beatport Cloud fees ($5/month) collected by Beatport. It is calculated by taking the amount of purchases of a distributor's content by Cloud subscribers and dividing by total purchases of all content by Cloud subscribers. 
Beatport Cloud subscribers still pay the regular retail prices for all purchases, and supplier's royalty share for content purchased by Cloud subscribers is included within supplier's Beatport Music statements. 

Here's how to export your CLOUD statements from Baseware:

1.  In order to retrieve a detailed CSV of your monthly CLOUD Statement simply select `Beatport Cloud` from the "Store" dropdown of the Statements tab in Baseware.


2.  Select the monthly statement for which you wish to export the detailed CLOUD Statement and click the Export button in the upper-right corner of the screen to begin the export of that month's CLOUD Statement.


Definitions of the revenue-related columns in your CLOUD statement are as follows:

Gross Revenue Subscriptions: Supplier's pro rata share of gross Cloud revenue, calculated by dividing 1) Total purchases of supplier's content by Cloud subscribers, by 2) Total purchases of all content by Cloud subscribers; multiplied by total Beatport Cloud revenue. For avoidance of doubt, Beatport Cloud revenue represents total revenue collected from the $5/month Beatport Cloud fee only.

Net Before Withholding: Supplier's net royalty share of Gross Revenue Subscriptions amount.

Mechanical Withholding: Amount withheld to pay Performance Rights Organizations (PROs). 

US Tax Withholding: Amount withheld for US tax purposes (if applicable).

Withheld Amount: Total amount withheld for both 'mechanical withholding' and 'US tax withholding'. 

US Tax Withholding Percent: Percent of the pro rata share that is withheld for US tax purposes (if applicable).

US Tax Withholding Compliancy Status: Indicates whether a supplier is US tax-compliant. A value of 1 indicates that a supplier is compliant. A value of 0 indicates that a supplier is not compliant.

Net Total: Supplier's net payable amount after all deductions & withholdings.

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