How can I include updated genres for my content using Baseware Remote?

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At this time Baseware Remote will not be updated to reflect the most recent genres changes and will continue to display its original list of genres and sub-genres.  The application can still be used to package content and genres can be amended manually by our genre support team (send request post-delivery to or by following the steps below prior to delivery to Beatport.


In order to select a Beatport genre / sub-genre* not currently present in the Baseware Remote application please do the following:


1.  Select a genre for each track included in your release using Baseware Remote's current list of genres.  This genre can be changed in Step 4 below.

2.  Finish compiling your release using Baseware Remote and 'Create Package' as usual.  This will create a folder which includes audio file(s), artwork, and an XML file containing release/track metadata.

3.  Open the .xml file containing the release/track metadata using an XML editor such as XMLSpear or EditiX Lite.  A text editor will work as well but will not display errors if XML is not well-formed upon editing.

4.  Replace the existing track genre(s) within the XML with the desired genre / sub-genre.  Please refer to the link at the bottom of this page for a complete list of Beatport's current acceptable genres and the proper XML notation.


replaced genre:

5.  Save changes.

6.  Deliver via usual delivery method.


*Complete list of Beatport's current genres / sub-genres may be found here.

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