How do I add a track to my existing release?

Submissions -

In order to add a track to un-released content please submit a takedown request for the initial delivery either via XML or by email request to  Once the initial delivery has been deactivated please redeliver the release in its entirety with the new track(s) included.*

In order to add a track to a live release (in order to maintain current sales of the release) please deliver the additional track via the 'Content Delivery' tab in the supplier dashboard (, including the audio file (WAV only) as well as the track metadata and ISRC code.

Please use the following folder structure when delivering the additional track via Baseware:

Label Name - Catalog# - ADD TO RELEASE



*Updates to existing content via XML delivery only work for existing tracks on a release, therefore an XML 'update' will not suffice to add a track to an existing release.


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