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Listed below are all genres currently accepted via delivery to Beatport, including the proper XML notation for each.

*Please note that Leftfield Bass as well as Leftfield House & Techno are only available for use by our Curation team and cannot be delivered as a primary genre via XML.  
Also, all sub-genres will be exclusively assigned by our curation team.  If submitted via XML, sub-genres will be omitted during ingestion.

If you wish to assign a sub-genre to a particular track/release please reach out to our Genre Support team using this form:

Afro House
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Afro House</trackGenre>

Bass House
XML Notation: <trackGenre>Bass House</trackGenre>

Big Room
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Big Room</trackGenre>

     - Electro
     - Melbourne Bounce
     - Moombahton
     - Progressive

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Breaks</trackGenre>
     -Glitch Hop

Dance / Electro Pop 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Dance / Electro Pop</trackGenre>

     - Pop
     - Tropical House
     - Future Bass

Deep House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Deep House</trackGenre>

DJ Tools
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>DJ Tools</trackGenre>

     - Loops
     - Acapellas
     - Battle Tools

Drum & Bass 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Drum &amp; Bass</trackGenre>

     - Liquid
     - Jump Up
     - Jungle
     - Deep
     - Halftime

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Dubstep</trackGenre>

     - Bass
     - Melodic Dubstep

Electro House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Electro House</trackGenre>

     - Complextro
     - Speed House
     - Midtempo

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Electronica</trackGenre>

     - Ambient

Funky / Groove / Jackin' House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Funky / Groove / Jackin' House</trackGenre>

Future House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Future House</trackGenre>

     - G-House
Garage / Bassline / Grime 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Garage / Bassline / Grime</trackGenre>

     - Garage
     - Bassline
     - Grime
 UK Funky

Hard Dance / Hardcore
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Hard Dance / Hardcore</trackGenre>

     - Uptempo
     - Terror
     - UK / Happy Hardcore
     - Frenchcore
     - Hardstyle
     - Hard House
     - Hard Trance

Hard Techno
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Hard Techno</trackGenre>

Trap / Hip-Hop / R&B 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Trap / Hip-Hop / R&amp;B</trackGenre>

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>House</trackGenre>

     - Acid
     - Soulful

Indie Dance 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Indie Dance</trackGenre>

Leftfield Bass 
No XML Notation, editorial only

     - Deep Dubstep
     - Juke / Footwork
     - Global Bass

Leftfield House & Techno 
No XML Notation, editorial only

Melodic House & Techno 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Melodic House &amp; Techno</trackGenre>

Minimal / Deep Tech 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Minimal / Deep Tech</trackGenre>

     - Bounce
     - Deep Tech

Nu Disco / Disco
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Nu Disco / Disco</trackGenre>

- Funk / Soul

Organic House / Downtempo
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Organic House / Downtempo</trackGenre>

     - Organic House
     - Downtempo

Progressive House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Progressive House</trackGenre>

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Psy-Trance</trackGenre>

     - Full-On
     - Progressive

Reggae / Dancehall / Dub 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Reggae / Dancehall / Dub</trackGenre>

     - Dancehall
     - Dub
     - Reggae

Tech House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Tech House</trackGenre>

Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Techno (Peak Time / Driving)</trackGenre>

     - Driving
     - Peak Time

Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)</trackGenre>

     - Broken
     - Deep / Hypnotic
     - Dub
     - EBM
     - Electro
     - Raw

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Trance</trackGenre>

     - Progressive
     - Tech
     - Uplifting
     - Vocal


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