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Listed below are ALL genres currently accepted via delivery to Beatport, including the proper XML notation for each.
Our updated schema can be downloaded from this link.

You may deliver valid sub-genres to your tracks now via XML.  Or, if you wish to assign a sub-genre to a particular track/release please reach out to our Genre Support team using this form. The form should also be used if you need to update a genre after delivery. Our system will not update genres via XML update.

*Please note that Bass / Club is only available for use by our Curation team and cannot be delivered as a primary genre via XML.  
*also note that all XML notation listed here is for non DDEX xml. 

140 / Deep Dubstep / Grime 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>140 / Deep Dubstep / Grime</trackGenre>
      - Grime
         XML notation:
<trackGenre>140 / Deep Dubstep / Grime | Grime</trackGenre>

Afro House
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Afro House</trackGenre>

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Amapiano</trackGenre>

Bass / Club
No XML Notation, editorial only

     - UK Funky
     - Global Club
     - Jersey Club
     - Gqom
     - Juke / Footwork
     - Reggae / Dancehall

Bass House
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Bass House</trackGenre>

Breaks / Breakbeat / UK Bass 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Breaks / Breakbeat / UK Bass</trackGenre>
     - Glitch Hop
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Breaks / Breakbeat / UK Bass | Glitch Hop</trackGenre>

Dance / Electro Pop 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Dance / Electro Pop</trackGenre>

     - Pop
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Dance / Electro Pop | Pop</trackGenre>
     - Tropical House
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Dance / Electro Pop | Tropical House</trackGenre>
     - Future Bass
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Dance / Electro Pop | Future Bass</trackGenre>

Deep House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Deep House</trackGenre>

DJ Tools
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>DJ Tools</trackGenre>

     - Loops
        XML notation: <trackGenre>DJ Tools | Loops</trackGenre>
     - Acapellas
        XML notation: <trackGenre>DJ Tools | Acapellas</trackGenre>
     - Battle Tools
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>DJ Tools | Battle Tools</trackGenre>

Drum & Bass 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Drum &amp; Bass</trackGenre>

     - Liquid
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Drum &amp; Bass | Liquid</trackGenre>
     - Jump Up
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Drum &amp; Bass | Jump Up</trackGenre>
     - Jungle
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Drum &amp; Bass | Jungle</trackGenre>
     - Deep
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Drum &amp; Bass | Deep</trackGenre>
     - Halftime
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Drum &amp; Bass | Halftime</trackGenre>

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Dubstep</trackGenre>

     - Bass
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Dubstep | Bass</trackGenre>
     - Melodic Dubstep
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Dubstep | Melodic Dubstep</trackGenre>

Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Electro (Classic / Detroit / Modern)</trackGenre>

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Electronica</trackGenre>

     - Ambient
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Electronica | Ambient</trackGenre>

Funky House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Funky House</trackGenre>     

Hard Dance / Hardcore
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Hard Dance / Hardcore</trackGenre>

     - Hardstyle
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Hard Dance / Hardcore | Hardstyle</trackGenre>
     - Hard House
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Hard Dance / Hardcore | Hard House</trackGenre>
     - Hard Trance
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Hard Dance / Hardcore | Hard Trance</trackGenre>
     - Uptempo
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Hard Dance / Hardcore | Uptempo</trackGenre>
     - Terror
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Hard Dance / Hardcore | Terror</trackGenre>
     - UK / Happy Hardcore
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Hard Dance / Hardcore | UK / Happy Hardcore</trackGenre>
     - Frenchcore
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Hard Dance / Hardcore | Frenchcore</trackGenre>

Hard Techno
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Hard Techno</trackGenre>

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>House</trackGenre>

     - Acid
        XML notation: <trackGenre>House | Acid</trackGenre>
     - Soulful
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>House | Soulful</trackGenre>

Indie Dance 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Indie Dance</trackGenre>

Jackin House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Jackin House</trackGenre>

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Mainstage</trackGenre>

     - Big Room
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Mainstage | Big Room</trackGenre>
     - Electro House
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Mainstage | Electro House</trackGenre>
     - Future House
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Mainstage | Future House</trackGenre>
     - Speed House
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Mainstage | Speed House</trackGenre>
     - Midtempo
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Mainstage | Midtempo</trackGenre>

Melodic House & Techno 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Melodic House &amp; Techno</trackGenre>

Minimal / Deep Tech 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Minimal / Deep Tech</trackGenre>

     - Bounce
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Minimal / Deep Tech | Bounce</trackGenre>
     - Deep Tech
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Minimal / Deep Tech | Deep Tech</trackGenre>

Nu Disco / Disco
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Nu Disco / Disco</trackGenre>

- Funk / Soul
    XML notation:
<trackGenre>Nu Disco / Disco | Funk / Soul</trackGenre>
    XML notation: 
<trackGenre>Nu Disco / Disco | Italo</trackGenre>

Organic House / Downtempo
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Organic House / Downtempo</trackGenre>

     - Organic House
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Organic House / Downtempo | Organic House</trackGenre>
     - Downtempo
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Organic House / Downtempo | Downtempo</trackGenre>

Progressive House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Progressive House</trackGenre>

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Psy-Trance</trackGenre>

     - Full-On
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Psy-Trance | Full-On</trackGenre>
     - Progressive
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Psy-Trance | Progressive</trackGenre>

Tech House 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Tech House</trackGenre>

Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Techno (Peak Time / Driving)</trackGenre>

     - Driving
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Techno (Peak Time / Driving) | Driving</trackGenre>
     - Peak Time
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Techno (Peak Time / Driving) | Peak Time</trackGenre>

Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)</trackGenre>

     - Broken
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) | Broken</trackGenre>
     - Deep / Hypnotic
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) | Deep / Hypnotic</trackGenre>
     - Dub
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) | Dub</trackGenre>
     - EBM
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) | EBM</trackGenre>
     - Raw
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) | Raw</trackGenre>

XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Trance</trackGenre>

     - Progressive
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Trance | Progressive</trackGenre>
     - Tech
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Trance | Tech</trackGenre>
     - Uplifting
        XML notation: <trackGenre>Trance | Uplifting</trackGenre>
     - Vocal
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>Trance | Vocal</trackGenre>

Trap / Wave 
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>Trap / Wave</trackGenre>

UK Garage / Bassline
XML Notation:  <trackGenre>UK Garage / Bassline</trackGenre>

     - UK Garage
        XML notation: <trackGenre>UK Garage / Bassline | UK Garage</trackGenre>
     - Bassline
        XML notation:
<trackGenre>UK Garage / Bassline | Bassline</trackGenre>

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