Can my content be set up for pre-order by default?

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Yes, Beatport now has the ability to enable an entire label for pre-order by default.

This means that if enabled, pre-order no longer must be communicated via XML if a label so chooses, yet content will automatically be enabled for pre-order upon ingestion.

In order to set this up please reach out to your Beatport Label Manager or our Content Support team at  Please include the following in your request:

  1. Label Name
  2. Number of weeks for which your content should be available for pre-order prior to release date (i.e. - 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 4 weeks prior to release date)

If a label is enabled for pre-order by default you may still override this by providing pre-order dates via XML.  The default pre-order will only be put in place if pre-order dates are omitted from the release XML.

*Please note, release date will always take precedence and will never be changed, regardless of the number of weeks selected for the default pre-order period.  For example, if a label is enabled for a default pre-order period of 4 weeks yet delivers a release 3 weeks prior to release date the release date will NOT be pushed back in order to accommodate the 4-week default.  Instead the release will simply become available for pre-order right away but only for 3 weeks as this is the only remaining time prior to release date.


Additional questions may be directed to your Beatport Label Manager.


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